What is (PC) Computer Output Device and its types in English

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Hello, friends! What do you all understand by Output Devices? You must have heard the name of Computer output device at some time or the other, what comes to your mind whenever you hear the name of Computer output device? Friends, today I am going to give you information about what is Output Device and its types in this article. .

If you have already got information about it, then it is a great thing, but for those who do not know about the Computer output device at all, then do not worry, today’s article is for you, today I will give you the output device in this article. I will try my best to explain in very easy language and I will tell you what is an output device and its types.

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Friends, if you run a computer or if you are a computer user, then you will definitely have information about the Computer output device, but if you do not know about it, then let me tell you that the output device is usually made up of two words and Output means out and out goods.

You can understand in this way that whatever things are kept outside like whatever things are of hardware, we call them Computer output devices, such as our sound box, our computer, our printer, many such things are used in the afternoon. We know more about the output device that we used to know about it.

What is Computer output device? What is Output Device

blurred image of a laptop and input ports : What is Computer output device? What is Output Device

Computer Output Device is like a kind of hardware, we use it for Text and Graphic Designing. Output devices usually include our computer screens, our printers, projectors, or sound boxes. We call all these things as output devices and all these things are connected to the computer through a wire.

The computer usually always uses the Computer output device to show the information to the users on its computer screen, as for example, we understand that we often use the printer to print all the text files on the computer. Do the work of extracting in hard copy.

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And the Computer output is made up of two words, first Out and second Put, it means to keep or keep out, then whatever data is processed, it removes all the specific data, due to which we call it output device. Example As such, we can take Monitors, Speakers, Printer, Projectors etc.

In Monitor, we see movies, files, folders, desktop, etc. all these things on the device. is also a type of Computer output device. You often listen to songs through Sound Box.

The sound comes out from the sound box whenever you use the printer, the soft copy written in your computer is extracted in the hard copy on the head of the printer, then we can call all these things as output devices because all these things are Computer output. Let’s come inside the device, now I have full hope that you must have understood what is an output device.

Types of Computer Output Device – Types of Output Device

Friends, let me tell you how many types of Computer output devices are there, usually the output device is divided into two parts, if we speak it in simple language, then there are two types of output devices, then I am going to tell you about it further. Let’s know.

  1. Soft Copy Output Device
  2. Hard Copy Output Device

Soft Copy Computer Output Device

So first of all we will learn about the soft copy Computer output device, then it is the output device which we can see but cannot touch it, we cannot touch it physically, it does not have any shape, for example on Monitor and Speaker

Hard Copy Computer Output Device

It means the way by which the output device works, that is, which we can touch, which we can see, which is shaped, for example, Printer and Plotter, we call all these output devices hard. Copy is called output device.

what are the Computer output devices

Now I will tell you what other output devices come in the output device, which we call output devices, here I will tell you a list in which I will give you the names and information about all my output devices, friends, I will give you all the output devices. I will not be able to give some information about but as much as we know, I will try my best to give you information about all those Computer output devices, let’s know then.

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1.  Monitor

silver imac apple magic keyboard and magic mouse on wooden table : What is Computer output device? What is Output Device

So the first device in the output device is the Monitor, it is an electronic device that looks like an output in the computer, it is exactly like a TV screen, all of you must have seen your computer’s monitor sometime or the other, this monitor Computer output device Comes inside it helps us to show Graphics with big and good Display Resolution.

The work of Monitor is Hardware, the use of Video Card causes small graphics and video errors, it does not work to show it, we often hang our TV on the wall, in the same way we keep people on the desk. Monitor is used by us to run applications, to view pictures, to keep documents very carefully, to see pictures.

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Monitor computer is very important because whenever we do any work on the computer, then the monitor has the biggest hand in completing that work, if the monitor is not there, then we will not be able to do any work, so we It can be said that the monitor has a very big hand in the computer.

2.  Printer

macbook pro on brown wooden table : What is Computer output device? What is Output Device

Printer is also a kind of output device because the printer works to print all the information coming out of the computer on a paper, making a hard copy like Computer output on paper, friends, you must have always noticed one thing, whenever you When you print anything from the printer, it works very slowly. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

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If not, then I will tell you that documenting from the computer and the output comes out for a long time and the printer does not have the capacity to work so fast, so it has been seen that the printer also has a kind of memory. From where it prints the results very slowly, therefore it takes time for us to get the print done.

3.  Screen Projector

smiling woman doing a presentation  What is Computer output device? What is Output Device

We also call Screen Projector an output device in a way because it is used to show the activities coming out of the computer screen on the big screen, we know the process of this method by the name of Presentations. You must have always seen in your school or in any office that the activities coming out of a small computer are being shown on a big screen, that is done by the screen projector.

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The Computer output of this device is shown on a big screen, usually the head on which its light goes, only its size is very large and straight and white so that everything that comes out of the computer can be seen very well on the screen. And it can be shown very clearly. The size of this device can be small and its weight can also be less.

4.  Speaker

black speaker close up photography :What is Computer output device? What is Output Device

The speaker is also called an output device because we can hear the sound coming out of the speaker, in the form of a sound, the soft copy of the output is shown, if I explain to you in another way, then what can the computer’s tongue do to the speaker? . Because all the activities that happen in the computer are heard through the speaker.

The speaker is considered to be both an output device and a hardware device, the sound that comes out of the computer is heard by us through the speaker, so the speaker is also considered as an output device. If there is no speaker, we will never be able to hear what the computer wants us to hear, so the speaker is also a very important output device.

10 Computer Output device names

I will tell you the names of some output devices, but I will tell you the names of 10 such output devices, you should be aware of this, whatever the output device is, it is the output device, but the medium and form of all are different. . Some of the names of the output devices are as follows: –

  1. Monitor
  2. Speaker
  3. Projector
  4. Printer
  5. Plotter
  6. Headphones
  7. Touch screen
  8. GPS
  9. Sound Card
  10. Video Card

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What is Computer output device? What is Output Device


How many types of Computer output devices are there?

Friends output devices are usually of two types first Soft Copy Output Device and second Hard Copy Output Device

What is output device?

Output device is called that which is usually like a hardware from which things can come out like monitor is an output device, printer is an Computer output device, speaker is an output device, activities come out of all these things, so all of them called output devices.

What are the examples of output devices?

Monitor, Speakers, Printers, Plotter, Headphones इत्यादि।

Are headphones also an Computer output device?

Yes, headphones are also a type of output device.


In today’s article, I have given you information about what is Computer Output Device and its types , I sincerely hope that you would have liked the information given by me and today you must have learned some new things from here in the same way. You can visit our website to get the information. Thank you.