What is Database? And its model types full information

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Hello, friends! Today, in this article, you are going to give information about what is Database and its type of model. The database becomes a very big platform and here all the work is done by the computer, but all the people who are connected with the computer or those who want to make a career in the computer.

All those people must have a knowledge and that is the knowledge of the database, but if you do not know what is the database, then there is nothing to worry, today in this article we will know a lot of information about it and I will give you this information. I will also tell you what is a database and what are the types of its models.

We all know that today there is so much demand for data and information in the whole world, if you want to extract data and information and you win on the internet, then in a few seconds you can download any data very easily and at a low cost. Takes out in less time..

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Sometimes a question will always come in our mind that where so much data and information is stored, is there any such place on the internet where we can store so much data and information or any person can sit and store all this information. Friends, it is not like that at all. I am going to give you in-depth information about what is database in this article.

What is Database?

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Database is made up of two words, Data and Base, it means that a place where you get a lot of scolding, you can also understand it as a very big place of data, where you get data from all over the world. And information is received, all these data are stored in a database in a real way so that all those data and information can be extracted when needed.

If I try to explain it to you in easy language, it would mean that a place where a lot of data and information is stored in an organized manner, after which anyone needs data and information anytime. That person could extract all that data with the help of internet in a few seconds.

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In today’s era, who does not have the internet, every person knows how to run the internet and the internet has made our life even easier and in the meantime, the database proves to be very useful, as I tell you for example, as many There are big social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, on all these platforms users collect their data such as name, number, address, photos etc.

And whenever a person wants to extract his data, he immediately goes to all those websites and extracts his data, all that work is possible only because of the database, similarly all the commerce that is fat from where we do shopping Like Amazon and Flipkart, here also we collect a lot of data, that too gets stored in the database and we can extract that data whenever we want.

Database Management System

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How is database management, this question also always comes in our mind, so let me tell you that it is such a software system, through which we create, define, maintain and control a User, Database. A program has been created that manages all these databases and works properly.

And the name of that program is DBMS, here I want to tell you one more thing, here the meaning of Maintain is that in this you can do all this like you can set the data in the database, you can delete it by deleting it. Can access it, can update it.

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DBMS, which we know by the name of Database Management System, is the only system that stores all the data of the world in the database with great care. Through this software, you can create a database very easily, that is, suppose you have created a database in the name of a student and now you have to add some more things to that student’s database.

But by mistake you have added wrong data, then you will have to edit your student’s details, after a few days you will come to know that someone’s data has been wrong, then you will have to delete that data forever and Also from the roll number of the student, if you want to find his name and his home address, then we call it Access.

Types of Database Models

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Now let me tell you how many types of database models are there, all the data that is stored, organized and manipulated in the database and what should be the Logical Structure of that database, Data Model gives information to you about all these things.

Hierarchicals, I try to explain you the type of model of scolded base as an example, as if I told you that you write some information about your family to us, then you write your family’s information in a table. Or another way you can give information about your family without table and thirdly you can give your information by writing the name of your parents below their child’s name.

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In these ways, you can convey your family’s information to us, we know this method by the name of data model, these three methods have also been used in database design, about which I will tell you one by one in a big way. I try to explain in simple language.

  1. Hierarchical Model
  2. Network Model
  3. Relational Model

Hierarchical Model

First of all, we know Hierarchical model, Hierarchical model is a kind of Tree Structure model, in this model, Tree Structure is followed to add records to itself, usually when we see a tree, that tree In this we see branches and leaves, in the same way Hierarchical model also works here, Hierarchical model shows Tree Structure.

Network Model

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Network Model is said to be a very powerful model, but it is also considered very complicated, all the efforts that are made in this, they have very difficult processes, all the tables in it are linked to each other, because of this, extracting the data. Turns out to be a bit tricky.

In Network Model, all the tables are interconnected, due to which it becomes a bit difficult, but this model is very powerful, it means that with the help of this model, you can extract difficult data from very difficult.

Relational Model

Now comes the Tulsi model of Relational Model. It is considered to be the most powerful and easy model out of all the models. All the methods in it are very easy and natural methods. This data model looks like a structured table. I know by the name of Relation, hence the name of this model went to Relational Model, it is like a table which has Rows and Columns.

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The tables that are created in the Relational Model, its Rows are called Records in the language of the database and Columns are called Fields. In this model, there are many different Field Keys and they work to connect the tables through all the Keys, it is very easy and powerful as well.

What is the use of Database?

In today’s era, there is a database behind everything that you see on the Internet, without a database, no data has any meaning, so you can understand where the database can be used, let me tell you. I will tell some places where the database is used.

Shopping Website

The database is used behind all the shopping websites you see on the Internet, such as if you go to buy any item online, then there you have to give information about yourself to the same order list in the data paste. This is how the database is used in the shopping website.

Social Media

Social media applications on mobile

Whatever is the platform of social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the database is used on all these date forms because on all these platforms we give information about ourselves, whether it is a picture, whether it is an address, whether it is Be it our phone number, everything is stored in the database.

Online Video

If I am not wrong, then you must have done online video face them at some time or other, then online video streaming is the only creator of face scorpio, because online friendship website also stores users’ information in addition to your videos.

Banking Work

When we open our account in the bank, then we have to give a lot of information there, such as our name, our phone number, our home address, and many other types of information, we have to submit it there also, the database is used. Because in all banks your name and number and address all this information is stored in the database.


How many types of database are there?

There are many types of databases in which Single File Database and Multi File Relational Database are widely used.

What is database?

Database is such a place where you get easily available data from all over the world.

What is the advantage of database?

You get to see many benefits of the database, such as if you want to know your result, then sitting anywhere, you can easily find your result from anywhere with the help of the database. There are many other such benefits which are We get from the database.

Where is the database used?

Databases are used in many places such as banking, social media, shopping websites and many more.


I have given you a lot of information in this article about what is database and its type of model, friends, I sincerely hope that you would have liked to remember me, you can visit our website to read more such articles. Thank you!